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Welcome to Pyram

An extraordinary fitted kitchen
Made in extraordinary surroundings

Who we are..

Pyram is a manufacturer of fitted kitchen furniture based in the beautiful Cère valley of Cantal, central France. In business since 1966 our factory currently covers 30,000 square metres and utilises the most modern machinery available today with the skill of artisans honed over our many years of experience.

We have been trading continuously in the UK since the 1980’s and are confident that there is no other fitted kitchen product quite like Pyram in terms of material choice, colour, sheer flexibility of design and above all, value for money.

Are we green.....?

This is our valley. Our factory is below the clouds just out of shot. You bet we’re green.

For obvious reasons the environment is important to us. We source all of our timber products from sustainable forestry. Our cabinet and panel materials are low in formaldehyde and the majority of our spray products are water based. We led the way in the filtration of manufacturing residues to reduce harmful emissions to near zero. We heat our factory by burning the waste generated in the manufacturing process. We carefully segregate all other forms of waste and constantly recycle water and solvent.

Yes, we're green

What we do....

Pyram are unusual in today’s fitted kitchen market as we actually make what we sell.
This manufacturing driven ethos leads us to search for unusual raw materials and the
resulting choice is unrivalled from any single fitted kitchen company anywhere.

Materials - the soul of any furniture product.

Pyram kitchen image gallery.

Why Pyram..

There is a bewildering variety of kitchens out there but they are not all the same.
Here are just a few features that set Pyram apart from the average.

Contruction quality

Pyram cabinet material is 19mm thick and designed to be 100% rigid built in the factory.

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Storage capacity

Pyram cabinets are higher and deeper adding up to 15% more storage than the average kitchen.

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If you are looking at handleless check the amount of door edge you have to hold on to.

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Further Steps...

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